300 Tiktok Followers

$ 4.90



Are you looking to grow your TikTok account with followers? Our “300 TikTok Followers” promotion package can help!

Promotion Speed:

  • We manually check each order during our office hours, which may take up to 12 hours, but usually happens much faster.
  • Once the promotion begins, the speed of follower addition can vary based on various factors and may fluctuate throughout the day.
  • You can contact us through our live chat for an up-to-date estimate of the promotion speed.

Follower Quality:

  • We cannot guarantee the quality of the followers you’ll receive, as it may vary from day to day.
  • While we strive to deliver real, active followers, some orders may receive low-quality, inactive followers due to the promotion services available at the time of your order.

Checklist for a Smooth Promotion:

  • Please keep your TikTok account public.
  • Provide your username in the following format: https://www.tiktok.com/@charlidamelio
  • Refrain from ordering from different suppliers for the same account simultaneously.
  • Do not place a new order for the same account before the current one is complete.
  • Do not change your username while the promotion is ongoing.


  • While we take every precaution, please note that followers added through our promotion may eventually drop.
  • All our services come with a 1-year refill warranty, and we’ll refill your account to our original promotion target in case of any issues.
  • Our promotions are entirely safe for your account and will not cause any harm.
  • If you have specific requirements, such as gradually adding followers, please provide the details in the “Order Notes” box at checkout, and we’ll try our best to meet your needs.

Choose our “300 TikTok Followers” package today and take a step towards increasing your TikTok presence!